Happy New Year

What a lame week!  A post everyday last week and then not a single word this week.  The truth is that I haven't been able to write a post as Max and I have been undergoing marriage counseling for his Chevy Chase addiction.  And also, the week after Christmas is really busy.  We lost all our tree ornaments in a freak Christmas tree fire.  And New Years is coming up so I've been training to prepare myself to stay up and awake until 1 AM...or much, much later if I have a Red Bull. 

With the New Year arriving so very soon I have a whole list of resolutions to make for 2011.  This takes an exceptional amount of time as well since I want the list to reflect how ambitious, giving, energetic, creative, and caring I am.  As I don't intend on keeping a single one of them it really takes quite a bit of thought to write that perfect list.  But this year, I will totally keep one of my resolutions, Number 86:  To create a beautifully decorated and creatively assembled scrapbook of our wonderful holiday season and to send a New Year's card to all my family and friends.  These two are kinda a packaged deal.  I figure if I can actually complete one of them, how hard can the other one be?

Come to think of it, I should really be able to check off Number 2:  To do a load of laundry so our kids don't have to keep turning their underwear inside out.  That should be a "doable" resolution.   

2011 is going to be great!  I am beginning to feel like this will be the year when I finally live up to my self-titled autobiography "Mom of the Year".  I will pack healthy lunches everyday, remain calm when my children are having meltdowns at the check-out line, suggest reasonable well-thought-out solutions to fights which start with the words, I had it first!, vacuum everyday, and keep my car from resembling a nuclear waste facility by cleaning it out once a month. 

My kids are husband are going to be so impressed.  I can't wait. 

Happy New Year!!


  1. I hoops you have a wonderful new year too ;) Free from nasty car findings and inflammable trees and healthy lunches and a little less Chevy ;)

  2. Oh I just love the adventures your life! Thank you for making me feel not so alone in all those areas! Love to you sweet friend and neighbor!

  3. It is perfectly acceptable to have your children just turn their underwear inside out. Just a little spritz and it's as good as clean! : ) And I'm not sure I will be able to stay up till midnight... someone may need to wake me up right beforehand!

  4. And then after you have turned them inside out, it's commando time, Jon knows that one well! I am really proud of you for getting a New Years card out, I will wait with anticipation! If it happens that I only get to hear about it, I bet it will sound incredibly gorgeous! 2011 is going to be great!!!!!!!!!

  5. GREAT resolutions!! I know you'll stick to it. ;) Aaaaannd.... what happened to your tree?? I hope you're joking and everyone is fine.... We have plenty of ornaments to donate. ;)
    Happy New Year to your sweet, precious family. :)


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