My Grass Is Purple

The following story is from my 4 year olds point of view.  
This was her story to tell.

My mommy exaggerates.  She didn't fight a mountain lion, her feet are far from manicured, and her so called "mommy patience" superpower is often in the shop.  What IS true is that since she hurt her foot, she sits on the couch with her UN-manicured foot up, a lot.

On this particular day, I was playing nicely and quietly with my big sister, as we always do.  I had dressed her up in our baby brother's clothes and she was pretending to be my baby.  We love that "baby" game.  It's just the greatest.  If you ask me, I think we kids love that game because our baby time was too short.  We are forced to grow up too fast and before we know it, we go from cuddly toys, strollers and blankies to CHORES and SCHOOL.  Yeah, I know, it's only preschool, but still.

There I am, sitting on the arm of our couch, having a great time when...BAM!....(dots are great, Mommy!)...the next thing I know I'm falling.  And when I land on the carpet...I break my collar bone.  That's right.  That's two broken bones in the same family in just 3 days.  At least we know that this would definitely not be the right time for us to buy a lottery ticket.  So, there's that.

When we got home, I joined Mommy on the couch.  I started thinking about all the things I was going to miss - skiing, ice skating, swimming, swinging, playing - and, well, I started to cry.  (I am just 4.)  And as it happens with kids, my sister joined in with why life in general just isn't fair.  (She's 6 and knows a lot.)  Like, girls who have American Dolls when she doesn't, or kids who get to watch movies WHENEVER they want, and all sorts of other general unfairness.

But then Mommy says, "Well, girls, the grass is always greener on the other side."

Oh, great.  Here goes Mommy with another adult saying she will try to explain with many, many words.  So, because we can't help ourselves, we both ask, "What does that mean, Mommy?"

And then, like she does, Mommy explains.  And it goes on and on.  And to be honest, she kinda lost me.  So I started to think about fields and fields of green grass.  And that seemed nice.  But then I think to myself, why does the grass have to be green in the first place?  And, also, I really love rainbows, and singing, and when mommy puts my hair in a bun, and tutus, and...

"So, does that make sense, girls?" Mommy asks, interrupting my thinking.

"Sure, Mommy," I say, because that's what you say so they think you've been listening.  "Except that I don't think the grass is greener, because my grass is purple."

So now you know where that came from. 
And this is an exact account of how it happened.   


  1. I LOVE it! Please tell her thank you for typing this out (totally impressed right now) and explaining the story. I really wanted to hear it from her!

  2. Of course her grass is purple, who wants ordinary green grass! So, we watched Ramona and Beezes last night for family movie night and the whole time I am watching it I am thinking that your second born and my second born are Roman's at heart! You will love this movie and I am bringing it over to you so you can watch it, while your foot is up! Love this post, adorable!


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