The Five Posts of Christmas, Number 3

The Best Christmas Present Ever

I had a really bad day last week.

After four weeks of crutches, sitting, no exercise, watching my husband take on everything to do with the house, kids and still do his job, and witnessing the slow, painful death of an orderly house, I am embarrassed to admit I felt sorry for myself.

It was only one day.  But it was a bad day.

So what did I do?  I called my sister and my mom.  And I cried.  Oh yes, I can cry.  They felt bad for me.  That was nice.  I felt better and a bit sheepish for feeling sorry for myself in the first place.  But, my eyes were dry and I was ready to face the next day with the knowledge that I was loved and that this is FAR, FAR, FAR from the worst thing that could happen.

Then I get a call from a friend.  She cleans houses for a living and she had just received a phone call from my mama.  As an early Christmas present (which from my Christmas Post Number 1 you know I LOVE early presents) they have arranged for her to clean my house before my guests arrive.

Are you serious?  How fabulous is that?  Is it too much to try and located some fine silver and pretend I need it to to be polished?  This is just so great.  I don't have to face the self-destruction of my house on crutches.  I have help!!

But now, I'm looking around the house and I'm starting to get a bit nervous.  What will she think of me?  Should I clean up a bit before she gets here?  She's my friend and it would be sad and awkward if she started to avoid me after this.

Okay, the state of our bathrooms is quite frankly, unspeakable.  Maybe I'll clean those first.  It appears as though a roving band of Armageddon survivors ripped through our kitchen looking for anything edible.  Crayons, toys, underwear, pine needles from our dead tree, homework, random pieces of paper and I really don't know what else litter most available floor space.

I'll just do a quick scrub of the really bad places...which is practically the entire house.  But this is still such a great present because it's not like I have to clean all that well...just enough so that my friend will think that I'm one of those super-clean, highly organized people who complain that their house is a "mess" as soon as the pillows on the couch are moved. 

I will just work through the night and be ready to open the door and accept her help in the morning.  What a great plan!  What a relief that I don't have to clean the house.

Thanks Mom and Big Sis for getting me the greatest Christmas present ever!

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  1. So fabulous! What a great Christmas present! And do not even think about cleaning your house. I do not even believe it's that bad, and she has cleaned a bachelors house for years... and I'm pretty sure that's FAR worse then yours! Enjoy this special treat!

  2. It's not that bad, but I understand your feeling. I have never had someone else clean my house, but if I did I bet I would want to do the same thing. I was just thinking yesterday how nice a maid on a regular basis would be. But really I am a stay at home mom and I don't have a broken foot, I don't think I can justify it!!!! I am so happy for you, nothing better than a clean house! After she is done, just make the kids stay in one spot until your guests arrive, haha! No seriously, send them over if you need too!


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