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I had gotten smug. I had begun to believe that through some miracle of parenting I had effectively curtailed the dreaded - duh, duh, duh!! - teenager phase. You know, the phase that makes mostly sane mothers pull their hair out strand by strand, question everything they once believed, and consider self-admission into an institution.

What a fool I've been. And now I am lost in the wilderness that is raising teenagers. Is she still loving? Yes. Is she still kind and generous and forgiving? Yes. Does she smile and laugh and think my jokes are funny some of the time? Yes. Yes. Yes to all of that and more.

But she's different. Some days she looks at me like she sees me through someone else's eyes. Some days I can't get a word out of her. And sometimes my words hurt her for no reason other than I said them on this particular day when her worldview had shifted with her mood.

Is it moodiness? Yes. Is it hormonal? Sometimes, yes. Can I blame it on technology and 'kids these …

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