An early surprise

Something is happening today. Something that wasn't supposed to happen until September 1st. The Secrets of Lost Stones was an editor's pick for the First Reads program at Amazon, which means it's available to read a month early.

And while it's nothing like getting married or having a baby, or winning a gold medal, or saving a dog from the jaws of a mountain lion, it's pretty sweet, at least for me. 

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Because the First Reads program puts it in front of gobzillions of people all over the US, UK and Australia. 

Which means it's out there now. There's no turning back, no more revisions, no redos, no changing of hair color or names or backstories, or god forbid, the opening pages. My work, my story and my way of storytelling are printed on paper for any eyes who choose to read it.

And they aren't my mom. Which means that since they didn't give birth to me or cuddle me until I fell asleep after a bad dream, or watch all of my softball games or, well, since they're not my mom, they may not like it. 

Which is okay and totally fine and reading is subjective and hahahaha, how do I politely back away from this conversation? 

But that is the nature of reading and what makes it an adventure full of unexpected twists and turns with characters we love and hate and sometimes want to marry. It is subjective and unpredictable and so I remind myself to relax, take a sip of wine, and let my book speak for itself and to the people who will escape inside its tale.



  1. Oh girl its going to be amazing! I am so happy they decided to release it this month instead of next!! I cant wait to get started!! 😍 So go ahead and take a deep breath, get you a nice glass of wine, light a candle, and relax and enjoy the moment while the rest of us are soaking in you brilliant words! ❤😍😘


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