How I Met Your Father

In Spanish class.  Because of Señora Dolores Flores.  Sean did not actually speak directly to me until much later.  But our crucial encounter began with Dolores Flores.  A pequeño, loud and muy, muy passionate teacher of the Spanish palabra. 

When did Sean and I realize we would be together forever?  Did I drop my lápiz on the floor and as we both reached to pick it up we hit cabezas?  Or maybe it was during our touching rendition of No Se Tu, the favorite amor song of Señora Dolores Flores.  The song she made our class listen to and sing, in Spanish, together, over and over, sitting in a circle, and squirming uncomfortably as we struggled to avoid eye contact. 

Surprisingly, this was not the moment our true love sparked.  Sean says he knew the day I came to class wearing a red pleated wool skirt, black combat boots laced to my knees, and an I Voted! sticker.  I did not catch his eye because I Voted! but because no sorority hermana in her right mind would have let me leave the sorority casa wearing that skirt and those boots.  And Sean thought it was muy awesomo that I wasn't in a sorority. (For the record, awesomo is not technically a Spanish word.) 

And if I'm being honest this was not one of those the-world-stops-and-you-see-your-bride-to-be moment.  He did not say to himself, "Ay bien, this is the chica I have been looking for all my vida."  He was just a college boy after all, hormones raging.  It was probably something more along the lines of, "Esta chica!  She is muy bueno.  I would like to besar la cara."
But still, Sean did not speak to me during clase - even after the red pleated wool skirt día.  It wasn't until after we had said goodbye to Señora Dolores Flores and had all gone our separate caminos españoles.

Months later, Sean calls me out of the blue and says, "Hola.  This is Sean from your clase española. ¿Pasará una fecha conmigo?"

Surprised, but pleased to be asked, I emphatically reply, "¡Sí!"

And the rest, as they say, es historia.

* For those of you gringos who were not in my Spanish class, you can go to this site to translate my awesomo Spanish.



  1. I had no idea you were once Spanish lovers! What a fabulous story!

  2. Love all your awesomo spanish! You two couldn't be more perfecto for each other. I can totally picture you in your red pleated wool skirt and clunky combat boots... you could still rock that look!

  3. I gave you a blog award!

    Not sure where I got the power to do so, but there you go!!


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